We are two lifelong friends that fell in love with the Abarcas Menorquinas and were inspired to share our passion with the world! After many years of living in separate continents, destiny brought us back together in sunny South Florida. One of us discovered the Abarcas – or Avarcas – while on a trip to Spain, and thus sprung the idea to bring the Abarcas from Menorca to the USA and create Verano Shoes, an online store dedicated to offer the most variety of Abarcas on the web, at the best prices.



Our Abarcas are Made in Menorca-Spain, and uphold the traditional manufacturing process of quality craftsmanship. They are hand-crafted with soles made from durable and earth-friendly recycled material, as well as high quality leathers. We guarantee the authenticity of our Abarcas Menorquinas.

The Menorquinas are the traditional footwear from the Menorca Island of Spain. Menorca, one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, offers a beautiful setting with desirable beaches, outstanding country views and unique architectures; but Menorca is also known for the Abarcas. The Abarcas Menorquinas fuse the warmth of the Mediterranean with European elegance.

To keep up with the ever changing world of fashion, we offer innovative designs and an abundance of colors and quality leathers. It may be tempting to fill your closet with multiple pairs for use in any occasion, whether in jeans or summer dresses.

We have created Verano Shoes simply because we love the Abarcas! We guarantee you will love them too!


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